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Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday 8 am – 4 pm
Saturday 8 am – 12 pm

Electronics Recycling:
The electronics recycling program has been expanded.
·         Tower Monitor
·         Keyboard Mouse
·         Speakers Fax machines
·         Printers Laptops
·         Copiers (under 35 pounds) Cell Phones
·         Digital Cameras Chargers
·         Adapters Microwaves
·         Hard Drive Destruction $5.00

Although fees are not charged for the electronics collection program, your donation would be gladly accepted.


Circuit Rider Sites
Due to the increase in operating costs, the circuit rider sites will no longer be in operation.

Recycling Trailer Sites
Several changes have occurred to our Recycling Trailer Program. First is the removal of cardboard from the trailers. This has occurred due to the large amount of material that is being placed on the ground instead of in the bins. Second is the relocation of the Madison Site to Mahoning.

Permanent Recycling Trailer Sites
In 2003, the Department of Planning and Development along with the Progressive Workshop of Armstrong County conducted a study to determine how the recycling program could better serve the County’s residents. From this study, it was determined that the implementation of 24-hour collection sites would best serve the public. Therefore, with the help from a Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Grant, the permanent drop-off trailer program was born. The sites are available 24-hours per day 7-days a week. The program started with three
sites and has now expanded to ten locations.


recycling9Trailer Sites:
Listed below are the trailer sites:
·         Dayton Borough – 207 Mechanic Street
·         East Franklin Township – 1301 Bear Road,
·         Elderton Borough – 217 South Lytle Street
·         Ford City Borough – 2nd Avenue across from
1110 3rd Avenue
·         Freeport Borough – 1 Lower Market Street
·         Kittanning Borough – 1340 North Water
·         Mahoning Township – 3279 SR 28/66
·         City of Parker – Near 415 Bluff Avenue
·         Rural Valley Borough – 122 Mill Street
·         South Buffalo Township – 129 Boyd Road
·         Worthington/West Franklin – 171 Union
Street, Worthington

The following materials can be taken to the Trailer Sites:
·         office paper
·         magazines
·         green, clear & brown glass
·         bottles & jars
·         #1 & #2 plastic bottles & jugs
·         newspaper
·         aluminum cans
·         steel cans


Electronics Recycling
The electronics recycling program is being
expanded. Please see page 6 for more details

“Hard to Recycle” Day
Hard to Recycle day is held each year typically in the spring.
It is an opportunity for residents to recycle their hard to
recycle items in addition to the regular recyclables. Please
check the website at: www.co.armstrong.pa.us for details.
Materials Collected
The following materials are collected at the Hard to
Recycle Day:
Used Motor Oil Used Tires*
Lead Acid Batteries White Goods*
#1 & #2 Plastics Scrap Metal
Corrugated Cardboard Bi-Metal Cans
Aluminum Cans Office Paper
Glass Bottles and Jars Newspaper
We can not accept the following items at Hard to
Recycle Day:
* A fee will be charged for tires and appliances with freon.
Burnt or soiled tires, oversized tires, tires with rims,
antifreeze, paint, gasoline, thinner, stereos, TV’s, microwave
ovens, electronics, wood or items from dealers or businesses.



Special Collections
Hard to Recycle Day
This event is typically held in the spring each year to
collect tires, white goods, lead acid batteries and
electronics. For event information and a fee
schedule please visit: www.co.armstrong.pa.us.

Electronics Collection

The Progressive Workshop has an on-going electronics
collection program. For a list of electronics
accepted please visit: www.progressiveworkshop.com.

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)
HHW Collections are conducted through Zero Waste
Pittsburgh for more information please visit: www.prc.org; keyword: special collections.


Contact information:

For educational information:
Armstrong County Recycling Coordinator
Armstrong County Department of Planning & Development
402 Market Street • Kittanning, PA 16201 • 724-548-3223
Fax: 724-545-7050 • www.co.armstrong.pa.us

For tours of the Center
The Progressive Workshop of Armstrong County
301 Oak Avenue • Kittanning, PA 16201 • 724-548-5664
Fax: 724-545-2088 • www.progressiveworkshop.com